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Weight Loss Journey to Health and Wellness


Are you having a hard time losing unsightly body fat? Finally ready for a "new you?" It's time to hang up the excuses and let go of the fad diets. It's time to consider some very effective, medically safe solutions. Get your stamina back. Sleep better at night. Improve your concentration and memory. Get more done. Smile more. Play with your kids and grandkids. Have the energy to walk your dog. Imagine how good you’ll feel in six months' time when you look back upon today, knowing it was the start of your incredible journey to health and happiness. Envision how proud family and friends will be.


The first thing to incorporate is Lipo Injections. They are well-tolerated, natural, and provide healthy nutrients. Many people find that they feel better by taking them, lose inches, get sick less, are more productive, and have an improved sense of well-being. Lipo injections are intramuscular injections that are easy to give yourself and will make you feel great! 

The next "must-have" immune-boosting amino acid/antioxidant mixture is known as "GOAL". The "G" is Glutamine and it is amazing. When you have built up levels of glutamine, you are going to have more energy to get the things done you have been meaning to do. These injections (Lipo & GOAL) can, and should, be used at the same time as they have completely different ingredients and complement one another. All of us are foodies and, though we work out, why wouldn’t we use every tool at our disposal to help us look and feel our best? 


Phentermine is the standard "go-to" weight loss medication in most medical weight loss clinics. It works! Plain and simple. But it is a controlled medication and it's not for everyone. Check out my page on Phentermine and let's see if it is right for you!

Peptides also have a good safety profile and a strong fat loss / muscle-building potential. They are administered by very tiny subcutaneous injections that are usually given in the abdominal area. They are super for melting inches off of your waistline and maximizing the results of your efforts in the gym. Peptides are becoming the "next big thing" in health and wellness and are known for numerous anti-aging benefits. 


The HCG hormone diet/protocol is yet another program you can try for muscle-sparing weight/fat loss. It too requires a small subcutaneous injection.


One peptide that is medication too is an injection called Exenatide. This medication, like most peptides, is a small, easy subcutaneous injection once daily. It's shown extremely good results in clinical trials. 

For those of you that prefer oral medications, Buproprion/Naltrexone is a good combination. It's great for people who are lacking in energy/motivation or maybe depressed. It’s also good for those with strong cravings or episodes of binge-eating. 


Oxytocin is a hormone that can be used for craving control or binge-eating. It helps decrease the desire to eat. Oxytocin is formulated into a nasal spray so it's very simple to use. 


Another formulation is glycyrrhetinic acid with aminophylline as a transdermal application (fat loss cream). It’s a cream that is applied daily to the abdomen. It works well with other aids to address excessive fat in the center of the body (abdomen) and can help with high triglycerides and with insulin resistance or metabolic syndrome. It’s good to use this while doing a resistance training program as it can help you maximize fat loss while preserving lean muscle tissue.

Take a look at my pages that dive deep into these therapies to learn more, or, go ahead and make an appointment to discuss them with me. Barbara Grubbs, NP.

Barbara Grubbs, NP

Licensed in SC*, FL, NM, AZ, IA, CO, MI, NV, VA, UT, ID, OR, RI, CT, WA, MI, DC.

*For SC * I work in a med spa in Lexington, SC. If you live in that area, then please email me to see about options for treatment there. 

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