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Peptides for Muscle Growth, FAT loss, Anti-Aging, and Repair

Growth Hormone Secretagogues: Sermorelin, Ipamorelin, Glycine


What is the peptide Sermorelin? How does it work?

As we age, It is normal to experience declining Human Growth Hormone (HGH) levels in the body.Human Growth Hormone (HGH) is critical while you are a child. However, when you are an adult, your body naturally declines in HGH production. The all too familiar symptoms of dry and brittle hair and skin, loss of muscle mass, lethargy, poor cognitive function, and slower recovery from injuries are just a few examples of what aging does to our bodies. HGH stops these issues during youth, but as it declines as we get older, these symptoms begin to appear and generally get worse with time.


Sermorelin is a peptide known as a secretagogue. It promotes the secretion of Growth Hormone Releasing Hormone (GHRH) by stimulating the pituitary gland to produce more growth hormones. 


Sermorelin was originally created to fight the effects of aging and promote weight loss. Sermorelin treatment has the potential to slow the effects of aging in humans by spurring the growth of new tissue, muscles, and synapses in the brain. It even has the potential to help patients think more clearly while elevating their mood and energy levels. 


Taking Sermorelin to stimulate your pituitary is much safer (and incredibly cheaper) than taking straight growth hormone injections. This leads to fewer complications and a better safety profile. 


Why do people use Sermorelin?


Possible Benefits of Sermorelin include:

  1. Greater lean body mass (muscle building)

  2. Fat Reduction

  3. Improved Energy

  4. Increased Vitality

  5. Increased Strength and Endurance

  6. Accelerated wound healing

  7. Improved cardiovascular and immune function

  8. Better sleep quality

  9. Improved bone density

  10. Improved skin quality and higher collagen density

  11. joint and muscle pain relief for patients with arthritis and chronic pain

  12. Improved cognitive function; better vision; better mood


Anecdotal evidence substantiates that sermorelin injections provide results and that patients report feeling and looking younger soon after beginning therapy, with fewer wrinkles, smoother and more youthful skin, elevated mood, and an improved feeling of overall wellness.


What are the possible side effects of Sermorelin?

  • Local injection reactions (pain, swelling, redness at the injection site)

  • If on steroids (glucocorticoid therapy) Sermorelin may not respond as well.

  • Low potential for headache, flushing, dysphagia, dizziness, hyperactivity, sleepiness, and urticaria. 

  • Peptides are not indicated in pregnant women

  • Some studies report the potential for transient (temporary) increases in cortisol and prolactin levels, the elevation of LFTs, vivid dreams, paresthesias, arthralgias (carpal tunnel-like), elevated glucose, and edema. 

  • At the doses, I prescribe most people do very well. It's good to start low and go slow.


What is the best dosage of Sermorelin?

Dosage is usually 100mcg - 300mcg subcutaneous injection once a night on an empty stomach 5 nights a week to start. I like to start very low and go slow. It does take 1-3 months to see full effects from these peptides though many people notice changes much sooner. Other combinations and regimens are available and we can discuss this. Weight lifters and those into more natural health that really enjoy doing therapy chronically and maximizing the effects can work up to 500-1000mcg/daily for 3 months with a 30 day holiday in between. It just varies and is specific to what an individual wants and how their body responds. We can also combine different growth hormone secretagogues together to have two working together for a better effect which helps you use lower dosages to get a response and can help with tolerance.

When should I take Sermorelin and why?


It's recommended to take Sermorelin at night. Growth hormone is naturally released more during sleep and this is when regeneration and healing happen as well. Also, Sermorelin promotes better sleep and makes some people tired so taking it right at bedtime can enhance that as well. Be sure to take it a couple of hours after your last meal as if taken after eating it's more likely to spike your blood glucose (blood sugar).

How long does it take Sermorelin to work?

You will see basic benefits within a few weeks' time but for the full effect of benefits listed above it can take a good 2-3 months to fully maximize those results. 

How does Glycine help Sermorelin work?

Glycine is an important amino acid that helps stimulate the pituitary gland to secrete growth hormone. This boosts the effects of Sermorelin making it great to use in combination. 

How does Ipamorelin help Sermorelin work better?

Ipamorelin is another peptide (like Sermorelin) that stimulates growth hormone release but it works a different way to get this response, making it an amazing add-on for Sermorelin therapy that will allow for enhanced results with lower doses than the two peptides if used separately. This helps maximize benefits and minimize unwanted side effects. Ipamorelin works on Grehlin, which is our hunger hormone. It lets us know we are hungry so that we eat, but it also helps to stimulate growth hormone from the pituitary gland. So Ipamorelin binds to Grehlin receptors to work on growth hormone release in a different way than sermorelin doses, maximizing results. Additionally, Ipamorelin lowers somatostatin levels which increases growth hormone too. Normally Somatostatin works to stop growth hormone release so by lowering it you get more growth hormone pulses. Ipamorelin is good in that it doesn't affect the release of cortisol, acetylcholine, prolactin, or aldosterone and it doesn't stimulate hunger as Sermorelin can. It's bad in that it cost more, which is why Sermorelin is most commonly used or it's used in combination with Sermorelin. 


Reviews from real patients:

Found Online:


“I struggled for years to try and lose weight and get in shape. It seemed to get harder and harder the older I got. I finally committed to the process, changed my diet, and increased my exercise. I still wasn’t seeing the kind of weight loss I wanted - mostly because my metabolism was so damn slow, and I ran out of energy for workouts so fast. My nutritionist suggested a peptide, Sermorelin. I figured it was worth a try. Now, 14 months later, I’ve lost 52 pounds, 7 inches off my waistline, and can work out for as long as I want - not pack it in after 15 minutes. It was the extra help I needed. I’m 47 and am at a lower weight now than when I graduated from Purdue in ‘94.”

Mike Miller, Indianapolis, IN

“As a 56-year-old guy, I just don’t have the same amount of energy that I used to. My youngest is only 11, and I was looking for a way to still keep up and be the ‘Active Dad’. I tried a bunch of supplements and they didn’t seem to do anything for me. Sermorelin was exactly what I was looking for, and worth every penny. I feel like I”m 25 again, and even after a long day of work I have plenty of energy to play catch in the yard, take care of the house and yard, and still get intimate with my wife, too!”

Richard H., Boise, ID

“I’m very concerned about Osteoporosis as I’ve been getting older. The medications my doctor prescribed gave me horrible side effects, and i couldn’t keep taking them. I eat well and exercise, and take a calcium supplement, but was looking for something more. Sermorelin has improved my DEXA score significantly, and I’ve noticed a lot more strength and flexibility in my body.”

Samantha Toscano, Durham, NC

“On the backside of 40, I feel my metabolism is slowing. It’s harder to maintain my weight or lose those holiday pounds that you always put on. At the same time, my body fat percentage is going way up, even though I work out at the gym almost every workday. I needed help, and sermorelin was that help. Zero side effects - nothing but results.”

Greg Lauter, Philadelphia, PA

“Since starting Sermorelin around 9 months ago, I’ve noticed a major change in my skin. Before, I had lots of fine lines and winkles, and my skin was thinning - taking on that classic crepe-like texture that’s a sure sign of aging. Now, my skin is much fuller, has thickened and plumped back up, and many of the wrinkles and lines have all but disappeared. Two of my friends who hadn’t seen me in a year actually thought I had a facelift, but no, it was Sermorelin. Plus my energy levels are way up, and I'm in better shape physically than I’ve been in years.”

Jen J., Riverside, CA

“You get what you pay for. $10 junk from a supplement sore isn’t going to cut it. Do yourself a favor, and invest in your health and well-being. Yes, Sermorelin costs more than pills with dubious ingredients, but it really delivers. You get what you pay for!”

Bethany Schroeder, Rochester, NY

“I was skeptical - how many products claim to be a fountain of youth only to fall flat? But Sermorelin really does boost energy levels, speeds up your metabolism, improves muscle mass and body fat percentage, and everything else it claims. It took a few months, but wow- the results are astounding! I’ve even slept better than I have been in years.”

Tim Donegan, Denver, CO

“It’s amazing - the 20-somethings at work have trouble keeping up with me, and I’m technically old enough to retire.”

Henry WU, Virginia Beach, VA

“I’m a bodybuilder and am well aware of the risks of HGH injections. Peptides seemed like a safer alternative. I did my research online, and I'm taking the sermorelin/ipamorelin combo. My gains are huge, energy levels are up, and I’ve had no side effects (others than a bit of tenderness from the injections themselves). At 49 I’m looking better and feeling better than I did at 29.”

S.L., Henderson, NV

“Single Mom here, almost 40. Coffee and a healthy diet only go so far. Between work, dating, and my two kids, making it to 10pm each night can be a challenge. I also know my metabolism is slowing and changing. The same workout routine isn’t doing as much for me anymore. My doctor recommended I try Sermorelin, and I haven’t looked back.”

Sarah G., Lubbock, TX

“What I like about Sermorelin is that it’s my own hormones being produced by my body. It just feels safer and more natural, but gives me the boost I need - The best of both worlds.”

Mandy. Oklahoma City, OK

“Sermorelin, I’m not sure who comes up with these names, but I’ll praise it all day long! I was worried about side effects since I have some heart troubles, and my doctor was pleasantly surprised that my heart test results actually improved after I started on Sermorelin. That’s not why I was taking it, so it’s like an added bonus for me.”

J.R., Baltimore, MD

“The only way Sermorelin could be better is if it grew on trees or was free LOL”

Colin Folger, New Orleans, LA

“It does what it’s supposed to do. It’s not a  miracle cure, but it makes a big difference in helping you get fit and stay active. With exercise and watching what you eat, Sermorelin gives you a better quality of life, period.”

Amanda, Mesa, AZ

Once I have a health consultation, what costs can I expect related to anti-aging growth hormone-releasing therapy?

I offer many options so you can find the one that works best for you. And general/recommended therapeutic dosages. 

Sermorelin (try me option) 3000mcg total $205

15 doses at 200mcg/night 5xweek

Sermorelin 9,000mcg total $270

45 doses at 200mcg/night 5xweek

Sermorelin 15,000mcg total $417

75 doses at 200mcg/night 5xweek

Sermorelin with Glycine 8,000mcg/20,000mcg = $295

40 doses at 200mcg/night 5xweek

Sermorelin with Glycine 15,000mcg / 37,500mcg = $457

75 doses at 200mcg/night 5xweek

Sermoreline Lozenge 500mcg $150

30 rapid dissolving tablets but i don't recommend this. Injections are far more effective. Studies are lacking on the effectiveness with oral dosing. 

Sermorelin/Ipamorelin Combo 12,000/8,000 $345

53 doses at 225mcg/150mcg 5nights a week

Sermorelin/ipamorrlin Combo 15,000/15,000 $457

100 doses at 150mcg/150mcg 5nights/week


Recommended before starting and during therapy

CBC, CMP, TSH, Prolactin, IGF-1, Hemoglobin A1c, Fasting Insulin, C-Peptide.

Basic Lab work - $50.00

CMP, TSH, LIpid panel

What else do I need to know?

Injectable peptides should be stored in the refrigerator but are safe outside of refrigeration for up to 7 days. Pregnant women, or those planning to become pregnant, should not use peptides. Please always purchase your peptides from a reputable source and be leery of low-cost "too good to be true" alternatives containing little or no actual ingredient in them. This is how people get scammed and is the reason some people don't get results. You need a prescription to get reputable peptides, which is what i do when I order them for you from my certified compounding pharmacies. 

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