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Effective Treatment Options

We offer many different services to help manage or in many cases eliminate the unpleasant symptoms of hormones that are out of balance whether it's from  estrogen, progesterone, thyroid, or cortisol levels being out of balance.  Depending on your unique body chemistry, symptoms, and treatment preferences we can offer a treatment customized to your individual circumstances.  Our services include lifestyle modification recommendations, vitamins and mineral recommendations, nutritional/herbal supplements, bioidentical hormone replacement therapy (plant based- molecularly identical to human hormones), and prescription medications.  We also offer hormone free prescription medication recommendations.  

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How does it work?

Make an video appointment with Marian Stokes, NP who will conduct a thorough history and evaluation of your symptoms.  She will  order lab work (if indicated) and answer any questions or concerns you have about the service.  We have contracted with several labs across the United States for discounted bloodwork/lab panels and we are able to pass this savings on to you!  Each service includes a free consultation with a healthcare provider, a $99 value.
Once your lab results are available you will schedule a consultation with Marian and she will discuss treatment options and services. 
Once a treatment plan has been mutually agreed upon by you and Marian, your treatment package will be mailed discretely to your door. 
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