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Prescription Weight Loss that WORKS. 


What does it do?

Phentermine is an FDA-approved medication used to improve health through weight loss. It is classified as a schedule 4 controlled substance and must be obtained from a specially licensed provider. Phentermine effectively decreases appetite to levels below those normally experienced. A markedly decreased appetite makes a calorie-restricted diet much easier to follow, which aids in the weight loss process. Phentermine also works to increase metabolism, which also aids in the weight loss process, by speeding up calorie burn. 


How do I take Phentermine?

Start with ½ tablet once a morning. After 5-7 days, you can increase to one tablet daily if your blood pressure is okay and you feel that you need a stronger dosage. One tablet per day is the maximum dosage you should ever take. 


What are the side effects of Phentermine?

The most common side effects are dry mouth, constipation, and insomnia. Phentermine is a cardiovascular stimulant (meaning it puts an extra workload on your heart system) so it’s not appropriate for everyone. Phentermine can raise heart rate and blood pressure, so both need to be controlled before starting it. It’s okay to be on blood pressure medication and take phentermine but blood pressure must be monitored. Severe side effects are uncommon. Most people feel good on Phentermine and report more energy and clearer thinking. Some people get palpitations. It’s best to start on just half a tablet and titrate up to minimize side effects.


Who should not take Phentermine?

It isn't a good option if you have heart disease, uncontrolled high blood pressure, an overactive thyroid gland, or glaucoma. It also isn't for women who are pregnant, may become pregnant, or are breast-feeding. It should also not be used in those on MAOI medication, those with renal impairment, those with uncontrolled anxiety or depression, those with mania, psychosis, or Schizophrenia, and anyone with alcohol or substance abuse.


What other precautions do I need to know when taking Phentermine?

Monitor blood pressure (BP)  to make sure it doesn’t get too high. Do not take medications such as Sudafed (Pseudoephedrine) since they can raise BP as well. Do not get pregnant. Do not take the medication with caffeine. It makes it less effective. Instead, take the medication and wait two hours before having caffeine products, if desired. Do not take any other weight loss supplements without talking to me (Barbara Grubbs, NP) first. Lipotropic injections go great with Phentermine. You should have lab work checked while on therapy. 


Can I get Phentermine through an online health appointment?

Normally? NO. However, during these COVID times, yes! So it’s temporary and something to definitely take advantage of while it lasts. I can prescribe controlled substances in seven states. You MUST be in one of these states during our appointment and use a pharmacy in one of these states to get this medication. SC, FL, AZ, CO, VA, OR, or MI. 



(found online)


“I am 54, 5'4 female who gained 16 lbs in the last 7 months as a result of overeating and inactivity while teleworking due to COVID. With a starting weight of 156lb on 10/19/2020, I started taking a half dose of phentermine (37.5mg) ) in combination with the 17 Day Diet and increased exercise (either walking, light jogging, or biking 4-5 days a week). After 34 days I lost 18 pounds and now weigh 138. I am thrilled with my results and finally feel like my old self again! My side effects from phentermine are suppressed appetite, increased energy and thirst, dry mouth upon waking, occasional constipation, and a tendency to become overly focused. No increase in blood pressure and no headaches. I have no need for a full dose and suspect I would experience difficulty sleeping. will not increase to a full dose. as the 1/2 tablet is all I need. If I did, I suspect I would experience more negative side effects such as sleeplessness. Phentermine has definitely given me increased energy while helping me stop snacking and get my food portions under control.” - JS


“I started taking Phentermine at the end of Aug 2020 and I’m still taking it now. I am 5’3”. My starting weight was 187lbs and I am now at 152lbs. I am very happy with the results so far. It does make me irritable and I always feel thirsty, have a dry mouth, and my skin is also dry. You have to drink a ton of water while taking this. The plus side is it gave me a lot of energy and I don’t feel hungry all the time like I used to.” -BD


“I started taking Phentermine 37.5mg about 2 months ago. I'm 5'8" and was 233lbs when I started. So far, I'm down to 199lbs. Looking forward to seeing how much more I can lose this month. As far as side effects go, I've had a dry mouth which goes away as long as I drink 3+ bottles of water a day and it does keep me up at night if I don't take it the minute I roll out of bed in the morning. Definitely worth dealing with for the results.” -MS


I take half of 37mg every morning for the last 6 months. I have no appetite. 405 to 370 so far. COVID has put a damper on my exercise routine but will get there. The main side effect to me is urination. Takes a long time to finish with a slow stream. Loads of energy if you let it work. -ST


“I'm 19 years old and started taking phentermine (30mg) in August of 2019. My doctor said I could take it infinitely (as in time), so I've been taking it for 10 months now. I'm not sure if that's completely safe, but I have barely had any side effects, except for a bit of mood swings. My weight during that time was the heaviest I've ever been, 206 pounds. I started taking it because I was obese and it was very hard for me to stop eating, I just kept gaining weight. This really helped me out. I am now down to 175 pounds. About one to two months ago I noticed that I have maintained my weight around there (175lbs), so I will stop taking it now and hopefully continue to lose weight by exercising and eating less fatty foods!” -MR


“Was 215 pounds at my heaviest. Took phentermine and went to weight watchers and got down to my weight watchers goal of 148. That was in 2001. I've stayed between 148 and 155 now for about 20 years.” -AN


How much does it cost?

A health consultation with me is FREE. Barbara Grubbs, NP. 


*Phentermine Prescription - $115 for 30 days Prescription. 

Do you have any discounts or promotions available?


I offer $10 off for every referral that you send me that gets a paid service. 

I also offer 10% off your total for everything (excludes labwork) if you combine services. Phentermine goes very well when used in combination with Lipotropic injections, GOAL injections, Vitamin D therapy, Glutathione, Oxytocin, and fat loss cream


*Labs are required and should be recent. If you need me to check them it’s $60 extra. This is a comprehensive metabolic panel (CMP), TSH (thyroid), and Lipid panel. If you just need an order for lab work I will send that in for free. 


Text me if you have questions or need an appointment outside of the availability listed on the online scheduling platform. Barbara Grubbs, NP 803.900.5758

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