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Feeling Weird? Maybe It's Your Hormones!

Do you feel a little "weird" some of the time? Your female friends probably act this way from time to time as well. Don't worry, you are not going crazy.

Both men and women are highly responsive to their hormones – they have to be. Hormones are released in minute amounts yet elicit incredibly powerful responses from our bodies. Hormones are responsible for triggering and regulating much of our body’s automatic responses and functions. They are absolutely vital, we could not exist without them.

However, hormonal release (or lack of it, or altered ratios of hormone balance) often incurs a degree of unwanted reactions, which can be physical, emotional or both. Although men and women are both necessarily subject to the effects of hormones, females are more regularly and powerfully impacted, due to the influence of the monthly menstruation cycle.

Being a woman means having a body designed to conceive and nurture a child. Whether this option occurs doesn’t matter, every month is a cycle of preparedness and readiness for that event.

Because this relates to half the human population, generalizations are unavoidable, and of course every woman is different. However, it is certainly true that most or all are affected at some stage, though the range and degree of effects may differ. Almost every woman has felt irrational or over-emotional at some stage, or recognized it as such afterwards.

While being in control of your emotions is necessary to being a mature adult, take some comfort in knowing that there are a lot of treatment options in dealing with hormone imbalances. Make an appointment with Marian Stokes, NP today to find out more!

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