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Hormone Balancing
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Have you been exhausted during the day, been irritated and find it hard to focus?  Been having low libido and feeling flushed?  You could have a hormone imbalance. We can help.

Convenience Care 
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Have a bladder infection or sinus infection, cold or flu but don't feel like waiting at your doctor's office or the urgent care?. We can help. We can treat you from the comfort of your home!

Services with Barbara Grubbs, NP


When you are ready for extreme weight loss (>20 pounds)

Add on Therapy for Weight Loss / Immune System Support

Weight Loss Kits (Lipo, HGH, Naltrexone)

Men - Depression, Loss of Strength, Fatigue, Low Sex Drive?

Sexual Health and Libido for WOMEN and MEN


Chronic Pain / Fatigue, Fibromyalgia, Brain Fog, Bad Sleep

UTI, Sinus Infection, Long-Term Medication Refills?

COVID and Body Immunity Defenses

HIPPA Compliant Secure Portal

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How to give a subcutaneous (SQ) Injection to yourself (EASY)

How to give an intramuscular (IM) Injection to yourself 

Barbara Grubbs, NP

Women Practicing Yoga Outdoor


Weight Loss with Barbara Grubbs, NP

For HRT with Marian Stokes, NP

Taking care of your health

What can peptides do for me?

For a lot of conditions we can save you time and money all from the convenience of your home,

Why Choose BHRT?

Feeling sluggish?  Want to regain your vitality?  It’s possible with Bio-Identical Hormone Therapy

How can I benefit from a Clinical Consultation?

Make the most informed decision regarding your medical care by speaking with one of our providers.

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